Action breathing to clear your dialysis mood

31 Dec by admin

Action breathing to clear your dialysis mood

Action breathing to clear your dialysis mood

Recently, the leader’s hypertension has been committed again. According to his own description, the biggest symptom of this disease is “dizziness”, but for our subordinates, the biggest symptom of this disease is “anger”, which can make the size of anger basicallyCan judge his “blood pressure index”.

Just after I was “swept” by his anger for the last time, I suddenly found myself like a discouraged ball, without fighting spirit; sadness, self-pity, loneliness, lack of self-confidence . a certain degree of emotion followed.Rather than knock me down.

  In fact, many people in the workplace have also felt the same.

Even if you are proud of some careers, if you return home alone, you will feel sad and helpless.

So flashing emotions are like all-pervasive viruses, lurking around us, ready to invade at any time.

Are you ready?

Let’s practice a breathing method that can block the bad guys out.

  Action breathing method 1, stand upright, feet open slightly wider than shoulders, hands hang down naturally.

  2. Open your mouth wide, exhale, and at the same time make a “ah-ah” sound in your mouth.

  3. Exhale strongly for 8 seconds, exhaling all the air in the body.

  4. Inhale and expand to the left and right when it is full of energy. It takes 4 seconds.

  5. Do it 3 times.

  Practicing effect: Action breathing method is one of chest breathing methods. It fills the entire lungs with air, and the vital capacity is greatly increased. At the same time, it also greatly enhances the heart function and makes people feel cheerful and happy.

Especially when you feel lonely, sad, and hopeless, doing this exercise can help you recover from your troubles and rebuild your confidence as soon as possible.

  Experience sharing: This exercise can consider the end of a soul, or the bottom line of the soul.

When you are in a bad mood, when you have troubles, you can overcome all the unhappiness through communication with yourself even if no one talks.

It’s the action breathing method that makes me stronger, and allows me to overcome myself in everything, so that I can be more confident and healthy. Come try it!