The most basic diet for epilepsy suggests that such a diet can prevent seizures

17 Feb by admin

The most basic diet for epilepsy suggests that such a diet can prevent seizures

The most basic diet for epilepsy suggests that such a diet can prevent seizures

Epilepsy is a clinical syndrome of chronic brain dysfunction caused by a variety of causes. It is a seizure, sudden, repetitive, transient cranial nervous system dysfunction caused by repeated supersynchronous discharge of the brain nerve cell group.

Epilepsy harms the health of some people. Let’s learn about related knowledge, prevention and treatment.

Dietary advice for preventing epilepsy 1. Avoid tea, coffee, cola, etc. in the drink containing more or less central excitatory substances.

These beverages can reduce the ability to resist and cause seizures, so pay attention to irritating beverages, should be lighter when drinking, and should be appropriate.

2, avoid nicotine in tobacco and alcohol cigarettes have a significant impact on the brain, blood vessels shrink and contraction, can also induce seizures, so patients with epilepsy can not smoke.

There is a clear relationship between alcohol and seizures.

At the same time, long-term heavy drinking, can directly produce the occurrence of alcoholic seizures, alcohol and alcohol caused by increased excitability, causing seizures.

3, avoid food experts with more water, reminded that the included clinical research shows that in the case of excessive accumulation of water in the body, it is easy to cause seizures.

People with epilepsy should try to eat less watery foods, including juice, cola, and watermelon.

4, avoid salt and food, eat too much salt, it will drink water, resulting in excessive water storage in the body, causing seizures.

Therefore, pickles, salted fish, bacon, etc. should be eaten less.

5, avoid greasy foods and eat less greasy and fat foods and Chinese medicine said “hair”, goose meat, lamb should eat less.

6, irritating foods Some very irritating foods, such as peppers, onions, garlic, etc., also eat less, otherwise it is not conducive to rehabilitation.

7, avoid drinking alcoholic epilepsy patients should also pay attention to diet, overcome partial habits, eating, binge eating, binge eating and other habits, especially in children with epilepsy, excessive diet can cause seizures.

Through the above explanations, I believe that everyone must have a certain understanding of how to make epilepsy, which will play an important role in the prevention and treatment of seizures, and can help patients with timely seizure treatment as much as possible.