Two financial surpluses increase by more than 26.6 billion yuan

15 May by admin

Two financial surpluses increase by more than 26.6 billion yuan

Two financial surpluses increase by more than 26.6 billion yuan

In the 12 trading days after the end of the Spring Festival holiday in the China Securities Network, the Shanghai Composite Index has rebounded by nearly 300 points, and the ChiNext Index has hit record highs.

The continued rebound of A shares is not only the result of the continuous release of trading volume, but also an important manifestation of the rapid rise in market sentiment.

In addition, the steady growth of the two financing funds has also become an important driving force to support this round of rebound.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter found that according to the flush flush statistics, as of February 17, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have reached 10,636.

7.3 billion yuan, the balance of the two financial institutions on January 23, 10370.

2.4 billion increased by 266.

4.9 billion yuan.

  With the deepening of the rebound market, the phenomenon of individual stocks making up for rotation has begun to appear, especially the continuous exposure of annual report performance has attracted much market attention.

From the trajectory of the financing customer’s position adjustment, the lock-up of the company’s high prosperity and clear performance growth has become the focus of the financing customer layout.

  The data shows that from February to February 17, the two major industries of electronics and pharmaceutical biology have become the focus of financing customers to increase their positions. During the period, the net financing purchase amount exceeded 5 billion US dollars, each reaching 66.

1.9 billion and 51.

8.9 billion yuan.

During this period, the two major industries obtained a total net purchase of more than 11.8 billion yuan.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter after combing the listed companies that have disclosed the 2019 annual report performance notice after combing, found that electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries have become a concentration camp for performance prediction.

As of the close of February 18th, the annual performance of the 2019 annual report of the two major industries of electronics, pharmaceuticals and biology predicted that the number of companies in the industry accounted for more than 60% of the total number of companies in the industry’s disclosed annual report, which reached 66, respectively.

48% and 66.


  Guoxin Securities pointed out that when conducting a forward-looking analysis of the pharmaceutical industry’s 2019 annual report performance, from the perspective of each segment, the growth of medical devices, biological products, medical services, 重庆耍耍网 and CRO was relatively stable; from the perspective of market value, the performance of CUHK’s market value companies increasedThe rapid fluctuation is small, and the performance of small market capitalization companies is relatively differentiated.

  The data also shows that as of February 17, 640 stocks with two financing targets have shown a net financing purchase status since February, with a total net financing purchase of 588.

8.2 billion.

Among them, the Ningde era (12.

8.5 billion yuan), Guoxuan Hi-Tech (11.

91 ppm), with a net purchase amount of more than US $ 1 billion being financed, it is clear that financiers are actively capturing high-quality, high-quality assets.

  With the market warming, the pace of incremental capital entering the market is also more active.

According to data released by China Clearing, the A-share market added 80 new investors in January.

07 million people, the total number of investors at the end of the period reached 16,055.

300,000 people, this is the first time that the number of A-share investors exceeded 1.

600 million people.