Chinese medicine skin beauty DIY safety effect is good

13 Feb by admin

Chinese medicine skin beauty DIY safety effect is good

Chinese medicine skin beauty DIY safety effect is good

Maybe you are already accustomed to using traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases and condition your body, but still worry about the beauty products with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients?

In fact, as long as you have some basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and make some simple traditional Chinese medicine skin care products, you can also get excellent beauty effects.


Effect of Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of dilating blood vessels and reducing contraction. It can make skin cells, brain cells and hair get enough blood. It is a kind of hair care, nourishment and hair growth treasures.

  Usage: You can pluck the tubers to extract the concentrated juice of Polygonum multiflorum and wash the porridge with rice and red dates.


Zelan effect: The medicinal part is stems and leaves. Zelan leaves boil water for bathing, which can make hair shiny and skin smooth.

  Usage: Zelan tea can help the mother to recover her slim body as soon as possible.


Oatmeal effect: It can soothe dry skin after being blown by the wind. It has excellent moisturizing effect and is most suitable for sensitive skin.

  To use: Apply thick oatmeal to your face, remember to use it near your skin.


The effect of angelica: activating blood, nourishing blood, can lighten spots, whitening, is recognized as an anti-aging beauty agent, known as “cosmetic medicine”.

  Usage: Grind into powder, apply it to the face after making a paste, or immerse it in cotton pads and boil it after boiling water.


Paeoniae effect: It has the reputation of divine beauty, can make the skin tender and delicate, and has an excellent anti-wrinkle and wrinkle removal effect.

  Usage: White lotus root powder with egg white, honey is a high-quality natural mask.