8 Reasons for Babies to Sleep and Kick the Quilt

10 Feb by admin

8 Reasons for Babies to Sleep and Kick the Quilt

8 Reasons for Babies to Sleep and Kick the Quilt

8 reasons for your baby to kick the quilt one by one, and they ‘re too excited before going to bed. The baby is having fun before going to bed, and his emotions are still extremely excited. It is not easy to let him fall asleep immediately. It is natural to be quiet in the quilt.Come down, when you are really tired and fall asleep, parents will also find that the baby has stepped on the quilt for a long time.

Before the baby goes to bed, in addition to actively creating a good sleeping environment, parents must also slowly soothe his emotions.

2. Eat too greasy before going to bed. If the baby eats too much protein during dinner and the food is too greasy and too oily, it will increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, make the baby feel uncomfortable, and the baby will not sleep well and will keep turning.

Adjust your bedtime recipes and try not to let your baby eat too much protein and too greasy food.

3, the quilt is too thick. The baby sleeps in a thick and heavy quilt. It is easy to feel sultry, and his hands and feet are not flexible. Therefore, the quilt is stepped on naturally, hoping to let a little more cool air into the quilt.

The quilt used by the baby should be cotton and light and warm.

The quilt is light and warm so that the baby will not step on the quilt because of the sweltering heat.

In addition, when covering the baby, it does not prevent him from exposing his toes, which can make him feel more comfortable; if the weather is slightly colder, don’t worry, because the baby naturally retracts his feet into the quilt.

4, uncomfortable sleeping environment, the light is too bright, the weather is too hot, there are noisy sounds around, etc., will make the baby feel impatient and uncomfortable.

Between sleeping and not sleeping, the limbs will dance restlessly.

Improve indoor environment.

For example, adjust the room’s lights to dim colors, play some soft music, and keep quiet before coaxing your baby to sleep.

5. Ascaris infection is caused by eating worm eggs in the mouth. This is a white worm that is about 1 cm in length. It can appear near the anus and lay eggs, causing the baby’s anus to itch and cannot sleep well.
If you find that your baby will scratch the anus involuntarily, you can use scotch tape adhesive to sample around the anus, and then place it under the microscope to see if there are eggs. Usually you should pay attention to the baby’s habit of eating fingers; use heat during treatmentWater disinfects baby’s underclothes and sheets to kill the eggs.

6, baby sick or rickets or anemia is a common disease in the baby’s growth and development.

When the baby has rickets or anemia, the neuroregulatory function is normal, prone to sweating, irritability and disturbed sleep.

Babies with rickets or anemia should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

7. Some babies who suffer from sensory integration disorder also have sensory integration disorder when they step on the quilt. The specific manifestation is that when the body is in the sleeping position, the sleep signal inside the brain is not smooth, and the excitability of the cerebral cortex still cannot be reduced.There are characteristics of hyperactivity, bad temper, poor adaptability and irregular life, so the baby’s sleeping position and the quilt covering the body cannot be a signal to sleep peacefully.

To strengthen sensory training, you can use a sleeping bag or other protective measures to prevent your baby from getting kicked and cold.

8, babies want to urinate this situation mostly exists in babies used to urinate.

Although the body sends a signal of urination, the baby will not rise up like an adult, instead of showing restless sleep and kicking the quilt.

In this case, the urine is almost hit again, and the baby naturally continues to sleep and sleep.

Sometimes the baby is too sleepy, and the urine is uncomfortable, but he wants to sleep, so sometimes he is not allowed to put it, he can put him on the bed, let him turn it a few times, and then he can basically solve the problem.