When is it appropriate to tell a story to your baby?

18 Feb by admin

When is it appropriate to tell a story to your baby?

When is it appropriate to tell a story to your baby?

Parents always feel that they have no time to tell stories for their babies. In fact, there are a few short periods of time in daily life that are very suitable for telling stories to their babies. And usually at this time, the children are automatically lying in bed and quietlylisten.

  When the baby was one and a half months old, one day it was time to drink milk. I picked up the story book at hand and pointed the cover to him.

In fact, it was just fun at the time, but it turned out that he had not fully developed his eyes. He turned up, down, left, and right to read a page on a regular basis. I turned the page one more time in disbelief. HisThe eyes moved again and again and again and again.

  I can’t know exactly what he saw, but this discovery reminded me that children may lead to book recognition.

So, he started reading life by accident.

  Breastfeeding, flipping books, telling stories, and doing it at the same time, some people may ask questions. Mommy breastfeeds in one hand, and books in one hand. Where does the third hand turn the books?

Therefore, I will prepare a special thick book for young children. It is easier to turn the pages with one hand, and then feed the book while telling the story.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a dozen children’s books at hand and only let the baby see the cover of each book, which is also a good practice.

  Sometimes, I choose to accompany him quietly and let him see it for himself; or let him look at the picture while I explain the content whispering-this always makes me feel like I have a neurological problem.Talk to the unresponsive baby.

In fact, the side benefit of reading while reading a book is that children often unknowingly drink up the milk and will not be unable to finish the milk because of other distractions.

  Breastfeeding mothers concentrate on enjoying the moment What if the mother is breastfeeding?

So how do you read a storybook while feeding?

When you raise your children, please be sure to use your own intuition to adapt to it. You must not stick to what the book says, so do n’t even think about reading a storybook when you encounter breastfeeding!

  I think breastfeeding is the happiest parent-child time in the world. This kind of time is fleeting and it is never gone, so let ‘s concentrate on enjoying it!

  To be honest, many times the milk is fed and the diaper is changed. The baby who does nothing will still look at you with eyes wide open. At this time for the mother, reading a storybook is a time-passing, andFor children, it contains infinitely possible educational functions, so simple and easy to use, why not do it!

  Any book can be read. It is the easiest and most casual way for children at this stage to read story books. Any book in the family can be picked up at any time, and there is no need to be constrained by how to read it.

I can recite Amitabha’s Buddhist scriptures solemnly, and I can also recite Tang poems in the form of opera. As long as the babies in the family don’t cry, they can do anything.

  A friend who was studying painting in New York also showed her pictures of different artists’ works from the moment her daughter was born.

Friends said that if it wasn’t for hearing that my two-month-old son would read books, she wouldn’t have thought of helping such a young child read a story book or let her read a picture book.

  Friends also found that when her daughter and daughter were older, they seemed very opinionated and would particularly like the work of a certain painter. As long as they got the artist’s album, they would quietly appreciate it for a long time, as if they had known each other in their lifetimeWhat about this painter!

  How to grasp the golden age of letting children fall in love with books As long as the children are still drinking milk from the bottle, it is the best time to make them love the books.

Because twenty-four hours a day, children in this period are usually non-stationary except for sleeping and drinking.

  So as long as the children are willing to lie down, they will lie down next to them (take this opportunity to take a short break and wait for the physical strength to fight again), and then read the storybook one by one.

  The following timings are very suitable for reading story books: 1, time to drink milk with a bottle 2, time to drink water with a bottle 3, before going to bed (including nap) 4, tired when lying in bed and doing nothing 5, childI just woke up in the morning, and when I was in bed obediently, these occasions appeared in my life every day, so it was very suitable, and usually the child was already in obedient bed automatically.